inFrequently Asked Questions

Where do you guys usually play?

Generally in the NY Tri-State area and most of the East Coast but we are open to travel anywhere to play some Phish songs.

What venues have you played?

We have performed in great venues such as The Wescott Theater, Garcia's at the Cap, 89 North Music Venue in Patchogue, The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn,  Middle East in Cambridge and The Brighton Music Hall; Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, Red Square in Albany and many more!

Do you co bill shows with other bands?

Sure! But because of the nature of our music and audience, we typically like to play with bands that are somehow related to the jam or tribute scene. Past bands we have played with--Pigeons Playing Ping pong, Start Making Sense, Half Step, Kung Fu, Cats Under the Stars to name a few.

Do you have a rider or stage plot?

Yes we do! Here's our Rider and Stage Plot

Do you guys take requests?

Sure, if we know it we would love to play it. We don't know all the (333) songs so if you give us a little bit of time or Tweet at us before an upcoming show we may oblige.

Do you recreate certain shows or songs?

Sometimes! We recently recreated Halloween 96 with Talking Heads tribute band Stop Making Sense.  We perform the songs as close to we can and the jams we make up on the spot like the real Phish does. We still tease stuff and do Phish inside jokes with our sets. We also do secret language from time to time and encourage a lot of audience participation. We like to have fun with our fellow Phans cause we all love this music. Of course a lot of these are inspired from jams or ideas from past shows, we enjoy playing Phish songs as best as we can while trying to bring something thats ultimately our own as well. 

Can you play me a Mike's Song with the Second Jam?

Sure, here it is.

Do you have a Sound Guy?

Yes, our Sound Technician Rich is our fifth Beatle, he mans our sound and makes sure we do our job. 

How far will you guys travel for a gig?

Provided our transportation and lodging budgets are covered, we would love to play just about anywhere!

Could you guys play at my Venue or Bar or Club?

Yes we can! Email us with the details at  | |

Do you play Private parties?

Do we ever!! Outside is typically best, we have a tent. Just need access to some juice and we are good to go! Private events we usually bring our own PA System unless specified. Our system is 2 towers and 2 subs with 4 monitors and our FOH Tower, in addition to our gear. So make sure there enough space for us to fit. Approximately 8x8ft of space all around is a good enough space. 

Oh, how loud are you gonna get?

Well, we have a rather large PA System. While we do get nice and loud sometimes, we never go over 0.1dB Officer. If you're hosting us for a private party you may want to check with your neighbors though. 

What about weddings?

That all depends...will there be cake?

Of course!

Then yes, we do. Same deal, we would bring our sound system, our sound tech Rich, our suits and dancing shoes.  Drew will also wear THIS

What about Lights?

We have a dedicated crew of lighting technicians to provide all the Kuroda you need for your event. 

Will you guys ever play Fluffhead?

Shut up Darren!